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Thanks for visiting ZGraphicNovels.com, home to the most thrilling Christian books that you can get your hands on. Told through manga – the visually centered, hottest craze in storytelling – these story collections are sure to knock your socks off and leave you wanting more. Uncover the storylines by clicking on the illustrated links. Be sure to search the site again for the latest on your favorite characters and manga creators.


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Read an exclusive Pulse News interview with Tomo creators, Tom Bancroft, Rob Corely, and Jim Kruger. -February 2008

"Ooomph! Pow!"

Zondervan hasn't skimped on the details in producing these two books [Morningstar: Advent; Morningstar: Resurrection]...these two volumes honestly did captivate me. The third volume, Confession, is out next month, but it's well worth your time to invest in these two adventurous books first."

-Infuze | January 8, 2008 (Read the Entire Review)

"Zonderkidz jumps into one of publishing's hottest genres with its Z Graphic Novel line of Christian manga comics.... This month will see the release of 12 titles - six separate series with two entries each. The company plans to roll out 48 titles in all over the next four years. Story lines cover a broad range of styles - biblical, superhero and fantasy/science fiction - and Zondervan maintains that all the books are theologically sound and family-friendly."

-Publishers Weekly | August 27, 2007

“Christian graphic novels seem to alternate between accomplished and heavy-handed, but this book in the new Kingdoms series of biblical epics offers a refreshingly compelling alternative…The art is solid and evocative, and the storytelling feels real rather than stiff or purely instructive.”

- Advance Review in Booklist Magazine (Kingdoms Series, book 1 - The Coming Storm)

Tomo: I Was an Eigth-Grade Ninja is a Moonbeam Bronze award-winner in the Comic/Graphic Novel category.

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